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The BAFTA nominations are in and we celebrate "Lilting" and its nomination in Outstanding Debut.

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    Nieto has created a unique experience for the launch of Far Cry 4. Every Wednesday, a new rite invites users to test their personality and according to their choices we generate a profile which unlocks special rewards. The first rite An Eye For An Eye is all about survival.The user is invited to choose the best weapon to protect himself and make it to the next experience. Discover what you are made of at farcry4.com Agency: Grey Paris / Client: Ubisoft

  • LEICA - 100

    Jones+Tino help launch the latest spot for Leica, celebrating a 100 years of the iconic camera. The film shows more than 35 iconic photographs that form the history of photography and how Leica helped shape it.

  • Smirnoff - The Double Side

    Martin Krejci's new film for Smirnoff Ice Double Black takes in the authentic vibe of Accra, Ghana and stars the distinctive characters that double as legends from East & West Africa's colourful stand alone cultures.

  • Nicolas Winding Refn

    Nicolas Winding Refn directs a series of un-scripted films starring True Detective and Dallas Buyers Club actor Matthew McConaughey. 'The Bull' is one of three films shot during a week-long production in Texas for the new Lincoln campaign.

  • Ivan Zacharias - Kahlua

    Ivan Zacharias directs Academy Award Winner Jeff Bridges in a bizarre tale honouring an all time favourite cocktail - The White Russian with Kahlua.

  • Lilting

    Having opened the Sundance film festival to critical acclaim, Stink's award winning debut feature 'Lilting' is finally premiering in cinemas across the UK & on demand. Watch the trailer & find out what its all about.


    Saman Kesh brings the art of dance back to life with his new video for Basement Jaxx, featuring the ‘Twerkbot’ - a bi-pedal wonder created to save mankind from losing touch with dance. Using various sensory stimuli & JAXX patented buttocks technology, it can mimic any form of lower body movement at near flawless accuracy.


    Celebrating Baccarat’s 250th anniversary, the luxury house has commissioned three tastemakers, amongst whom is Sonia Sieff, to create short films about love. Depicting a recently separated couple, played by French actors Caroline de Maigret and Thierry Frémont, Sonia’s film is a perfect representation of the subtle complexity of crystal: a blend of strength and fragility, clarity and opacity, classicism and audacity. As is life and... love. The film was exclusively premiered conjointly at the Maison Baccarat and on vogue.it

  • CANNES 2014

    Congratulations to all our Cannes winners!

    Film Craft Lions
    Adam Berg - Assassins Creed ‘Defy’ - Gold
    Nacho Gayan – ‘Doctor’ - Bronze

    Film Lions
    Matteo Pellegrini – VW ‘Teddy Tragedy’ - Silver
    Agustin Alberdi – VH1 ‘I Will Survive’ - Silver
    Ne-O – Heineken Light ‘Why Not Man’ - Bronze Branded Content
    Stinkdigital – UN ‘#theworldneedsmore’ - Silver

    Outdoor Lions
    Nathan Besse - SNCF ‘Europe is just next door’ - Silver

    Promo & Activation Lions
    Kosai 'Sound Of Honda' - Gold & Silver

    Fiction Online Lions
    Butchers - FIAT ‘Street Tales’ - Silver

    Branded Content and Entertainement Lions
    Stinkdigital - UN ‘#theworldneedsmore’ - Silver

    Cyber Lions
    Stinkdigital - Sony Playstation ‘First To Greatness’ - Silver

    Shots/YDA Award
    Mackenzie Sheppard – 2nd Prize
    Ian Ruschel – 2nd Prize

  • Heineken Light/ Why Not Man

    Showing us the lighter side of life in these two new spots for Heineken Light, Ne-O brings us a joyful journey of two people who aren't afraid to say yes! And at only 99 calories - why not say yes!

  • Trust is earned

    Nacho Gayan's new advert for Coronation Insurance is inspired by the extraodinary true story of a beloved French Doctor in the village of Chelles, who although became blind continued to work for several more decades through the confidence and trust in his patients. Impacting the message, "Trust is earned".

  • FORD

    Brazilian director duo Jones+Tino have captured the essence of sensory driving in their new hypnotizing spot for Ford. Definitely a must see!


    Nerds Today, Bosses Tomorrow. Agustin Alberdi's targets all the bullies of the world in this hilarious new anti - bullying campaign for VH1, showing that nerds of today will be the cool kids boss in the future.

  • Stop. Look. Listen.

    If you're in town, please stop by at La Gaîté Lyrique to watch our talented directing duo Zeitguised's latest opus !

  • Placebo - Loud like love

    Saman Kesh's music video “Loud Like Love” for Placebo features the voice of “American Psycho” author Bret Easton Ellis who reveals another unfortunate sequence of details and events – this time at a sexy swinger’s 1960s pool party.

  • Johnny Cash - She used to love me a lot

    Check out John Hillcoat’s new music video 'She Used to Love Me a Lot' promoting the upcoming release of Johnny Cash’s lost ‘80s album Out Among the Stars. Shot in Nashville, the film gives us a glimpse into the raw lives and landscape of America - it is a timeless tale, a story of unsustainable love, of heart break, and hope.

  • VW

    Last week has seen Matteo Pellegrini listed in Week's Best Ads Director Rankings, with this 'Teddy tragedy' VW spot, for the Automatic Distance Control technology. The film, from Adam&Eve DDB, also selected by Shots, tells the tragic love story of two car accessories, destined to be forever apart.


    Ne-O's new advert for Freeview shows us that the love of entertainment can override even biological enemies- as a cat and a bird serenade and enjoy each other's company.

  • IKEA

    Martin Krejci and the team at Mother have created "The Wonderful Everyday" for IKEA showcasing their commitment to a greener future. A beautiful spot shot on location over three nights in Portugal.

  • Andes Barley Wine

    Shot through Del Campo Saatchi & Saatchi, Agustín Alberdi tells the story of a 'Miraculous Hen' with a deft talent for laying something a little more special than your average egg. The film was shot in the beautiful surroundings of Uspallata, Argentina.

  • Freeview

    Ne-O have fun with some entertaining pond life in their latest project for Freeview through Leo Burnett. The live action elements were shot in London with the CGI created by the Glassworks team.

  • VW

    Ivan Zacharias, thirty six lucky mutts and a road trip from the Welsh coast to Manchester. It can only be Ivan's latest work for VW through A&E DDB.


    Nacho Gayan's latest project through &Rosas focuses on a cast of real people doing what they love, from the stone mason in Sheffield, the custom bike builders in Barcelona to the climber in Yosemite Park California. The project was shot over 7 days in a total of 6 countries, using 16mm film. The spot is set to a voice over of 'so you want to be a writer', a poem by Charles Bukowski - one of whisky's biggest fans.


    Agustin Alberdi turns the heat up in his latest film for Durex through Havas. The team spent four days shooting in different locations throughout Uruguay, using four real life couples to capture some genuine, passionate moments.


    Written and directed by Martin Krejci, 'Little Secret' was inspired by a true story that became a national scandal in the Czech Republic during the spring of 2012. The film tells the story of a teenage boy who tries to cover up a life-threatening mistake. Little Secret was shot over 4 days throughout several locations in the country's capital Prague, and stars local talent Adam Misik, Klara Cibulkova and Jenovefa Bokova. The film saw its debut at this year’s Karlovy Vary Film Festival and recently screened at the LA Shorts Festival where it picked up the award for Best Foreign Film.

  • Assassin's Creed

    Adam Berg takes charge of directing this action packed epic for Assassin's Creed, shot through Sid Lee Paris. Having decided to capture as much in camera as possible, the team set about to construct and re create sections of a full size Spanish gun boat, rigging the camera to move throughout each deck of the ship in order to show the explosions and scale of the action. The opening scene was shot in a massive tank with 3,000 cubic meters of water, again used to show the scale of the action and contrasting the dark waters with the explosive goings on above. Sneak a peek at the swashbuckling, bloodier directors cut here…

  • Citroen C4 Picasso

    Our talented duo Ne-O have accomplished a real tour-de-force with their latest spot for Citroën trough H agency. Using a bright mix of creativity, ingeniousness and technical achievements, they've successfully managed to fold the Earth into the new Citroen C4 Picasso. Beautifully crafted, this magical film will definitely fly you to the Moon !

  • Only God Forgives

    Nicolas Winding Refn's latest feature 'Only God Forgives' will get its premier at the Cannes Film festival this week. For this movie Nicolas headed to Bangkok, Thailand in search of the perfect locations, sometimes spending whole nights walking the streets of Chinatown where much of the film unfolds, seeing dozens of night clubs, each more kitsch than the last. See how some of the locations made the cut in this trailer...Time To Meet The Devil!

  • Jameson

    John Hillcoat (Lawless,The Road) helms this new film for the latest installment of John Jameson’s adventures created through TBWA\Chiat\Day New York. Shot in Transylvania the team sourced and built the railway from scratch, re-using antique tracks and building the actual train from a collection of parts coming from all over the country (no small feat in Romania). 'Iron Horse' brings together Hillcoat’s unique storytelling skills with exceptional accomplishments in production.

  • BMW

    Check out Nieto's films for BMW through Leo Burnett Beijing. These four spots push their emotive and inspirational stories by using strong visual forms like installation arts (Control, Dream), shadow projection (Courage) and animation (Persistence).

  • Happy New Year !

    Check out Nieto's twisted take on Santa.

  • Red Stripe

    Greg Brunkalla & Stinkdigital gave East London shoppers the surprise of their lives by turning a local shop into a giant musical experience. Every time a customer picked up a Red Stripe a rock steady tune of “A Message to You Rudy” would start to play. Nothing was faked. Each 'instrument' was individually wired up and placed on the shelves in order to blend in with other items in the shop, and all the sounds heard are created by instruments made from typical corner shop products.

  • ASOS

    As featured by the Sunday Times Rohan Blair-Mangat's short for ASOS Fashion Up is an effortless blend of lifestyle and fashion film. Shot to showcase the Africa A/W 2012/13 range, the film has an observational and natural style, with an energetic pace which matches the vibracy of the clothes.

  • Ciclope Awards

    Well done to Stink & Stinkdigital who won 'Best Live Action Company', four Silver and six Bronze awards at this year's Ciclope festival in Buenos Aires:
    Live Action - Art Direction
    Silver - Martin Krejci - Heineken 'The Switch'
    Sound - Sound Design
    Silver - Martin Krejci - Hornbach - 'Symphony'
    Live Action - Cinematography
    Silver - John Hillcoat - National Lottery 'The Return'
    Live Action - Direction
    Silver - John Hillcoat - National Lottery 'The Return'

    Digital - Interactive Films
    Bronze - Stinkdigital - Nike 'My Time is Now'
    Live Action - Direction
    Bronze - Adam Berg - Nike 'My Time is Now'
    Live Action - Direction
    Bronze - Nacho Gayan - Match.com 'Ukelele'
    Live Action - Editing
    Bronze - Martin Krejci - Hornbach - 'Symphony'
    Live Action - Art Direction
    Bronze - John Hillcoat - National Lottery 'The Return'
    Live Action - Cinematography
    Bronze - Adam Berg - Nike 'My Time is Now'

  • Les Restos Du Coeur

    At the beginning there was Air Guitar, now there is Air Food.

    The multi-talented Nathan Besse directs this new spot via Havas, taking the viewer from Berlin to Barcelona through Paris. With relays on Youtube, Facebook and Twitter, this interactive campaign aims to denonciate and override the supression of the European Plan for the Misfortunate with this powerful tagline "In one year, 18 million Europeans won't be pretending."

  • Introducing Sonia Sieff

    Don't miss it!

    To mark the release of the book Sieff Fashion by La Martiniere (French) and Prestel (English), the Sieffs will be exposed starting September 24 at Colette. Behind the lens are, Jeanloup, of course, the eternal icon-maker, and Barbara, his life partner who seeks out unexpected moments, interesting flaws. Stink is happy to welcome Sonia, their daughter, who has her own straightforward , powerful and beautiful way to capture women both in film and in photography. And finally Sacha, the family musician, who mixes together bits of interviews, cult music and beloved voices, will offer a playlist at www.colette.fr

    Check out Sonia's reel, click on the pic!

  • Wrangler Fall/Winter

    Arno Salters creates more magic for Wrangler, check out the director's cut shot as part of the online experience created by Stinkdigital for Wrangler Europe - www.wrangler-europe.com.


    John Hillcoat gets in the olympic spirit as he switches on the x-ray specs in his new spot for GE through BBDO NY.


    Swiftly emerging as one of the most exciting directing talents around, Yann Demange (of Top Boy acclaim) follows up his earlier Home Office spots with two films for Grolsch from BMB. Shot in the sub zero temperatures of Kiev, Yann tells the story of detective Journt Von Deg.

  • VW Cinema Idents

    Le dernier opus de la campagne Volkswagen "Voir le cinéma différemment" a été réalisé par Ivan Zacharias pour DDB London. Depuis le 25 mai, les films sont diffusés dans 196 cinémas indépendants au Royaume-Uni et sont la dernière série de Volkswagen des 7 ans de soutien apporté au cinéma indépendant.
    Les 60" ouvrent avec la phrase : "Certains des moments les plus célèbres du cinéma n'ont jamais été scénarisés". Les trois films revisitent des moments de films mémorables: le bruit de succion d'Hannibal Lecter dans le Silence des Agneaux, la célèbre scène de Robert de Niro "Are you talking to me?" dans Taxi Driver et la réplique “We’re gonna need a bigger boat” de Jaws dans Les Dents de la Mer.

  • Lawless

    Tom Hardy, Shia LaBeouf, Jessica Chastain, Gary Oldman and Guy Pearce are just a few of the acting heavyweights to star in John Hillcoat’s latest movie, Lawless. A Depression-era drama in which the loyalty of three brothers is put to the test against the backdrop of the nation's most notorious crime wave. Check out the trailer here.

  • If you could see yourself

    This hard hitting UK's Home Office commercial shot by director Yann Demange (Top Boy) is part of a new government led campaign headed up by Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg to highlight rape and sexual abuse amongst teenage couples. Shot through Rainey Kelly Campbell Roalfe Y&R.

  • The wave

    Thierry Rajic's very nice new spot for Surfrider Foundation, shot through Y&R Paris, invites us cleaning our beaches, lakes and rivers. Click the image to view.

  • Upside Down

    Arno Salters works his magic again, defying gravity, in his latest spot for Wrangler SS12, through Stink Digital.

    To the left, to the right... Effet renversant garanti!

    Click the pic to view the work.

  • Reincarnation

    This is the latest spot from Ivan Zacharias for VW through DDB London. It would seem that one good turn deserves another as karma smiles on the old VW Beetle and it finds reincarnation is a sweet ride.

  • Vegas Baby!

    Agustin Alberdi's latest spot for Moneysupermarket.com was shot through Mother London over 3 nights in Las Vegas. Hap-hazard family man Brian struts his stuff through a vibrant casino with all the trimmings, including go-go dancers, Elvis, limos and even a tiger, finally taking to the stage to prove he is the best around by singing... The Joe Espesito classic 'You're the best'!

  • Campaign recognises Stink in 2011 roundup

    Huge congrats to everyone who's efforts made Stink Runner Up in Campaign Production Company of the Year 2011. Martin Krejci and Adam Berg were also named 2nd and 4th respectively in the Top Directors Poll.

    Not only did Stink produce some great TV work in 2011, its digital arm, Stink Digital, can take credit for some of the industry's most innovative online campaigns. The production company boasts a fine reel this year, with standout spots including TalkTalk "homes within homes", directed by Adam Berg, which won Best Crafted Commercial of the Year at the British Arrows Craft Awards, and Martin Krejci's exquisite film for Lurpak, "kitchen odyssey", which picked up a silver Craft Lion at Cannes.
    ASOS "urban tour" and Philips "obsessed with sound" stood out as campaigns that successfully married creativity and interactivity.
    For the Philips work, visitors to a website were able listen to each musician in a 53-piece orchestra in complete isolation. As part of the ASOS campaign, users could click on street dancers performing in an online film and buy the clothes they were wearing.
    Awards included a Cannes Film silver Lion for Diesel "history of the island", directed by Agustin Alberdi, and a silver Craft Lion for Dulux "walls", directed by Berg. Stink won two golds and a platinum at Creative Circle for Magners' "straight" and "catch" spots, directed by Ivan Zacharias. Other highlights included the brilliantly produced Stella Artois "train" spot, directed by Alberdi; Match.com "ukulele", directed by Nacho Gayan; and Ikea "play fight", directed by Krejci.

  • Eurobest of the best

    A huge congratulations to Adam Berg, Martin Krejci, Rob Chiu and everyone involved in helping them win multiple Awards at the Eurobest awards ceremony in Lisbon.

  • The Artist's F1-Inspired Short Gets Behind Ferrari's Wheel

    Video Artist Marco Brambilla's latest 3D film 'RPM', commissioned by Ferrari in celebration of their latest auto masterpiece, the 458 Spider, premieres on Nowness and at Art Basel Miami.

  • Talk Talk wins Best Crafted commercial of the year@ BTAA craft awards

    Huge congratulations to Adam Berg and Stink who picked up Best Crafted Commercial Of The Year last night at the BTAA Craft Awards for Talk Talk "Homes Within Homes". Talk Talk also won Best Animation, Best Model Making, Best CGI and Best VFX.

  • Winning

    Nacho and Belen Gayan collaborated for his latest Euromilliones spot, shot through the Shackleton Group. Imagine all the fun you could have if you won the lottery, your probably thinking nice house, flash car, year long holiday and all the finer things in life that we dream of. But that's boring so this spot out for a few more imaginative ideas.

  • Fasten your seat belts !

    'Drive' premiered at this year’s Cannes Film Festival where Nicolas Winding Refn won Best Director.

    The film stars Ryan Gosling, Carey Mulligan, Ron Perlman, Albert Brooks, Christina Hendricks and Bryan Cranston.

    In theaters from Wednesday 5th October, So don't miss it!!!

  • Amazing !

    Dvein has been invited by the Spanish film director Kike Maíllo to take part of his feature film 'Eva', a retrofuturistic sci-fi thriller. Click on the image above to watch this beautiful main title sequence.

  • Top boy

    Yann Demange’s new four part series ‘Top Boy’ airs on Channel 4 from 31st October. Set in Hackney, the drama looks beyond the headlines about youth crime and delves into the personal stories of those involved. It features a score by Brian Eno and showcases a cast of many first time actors including rapper Kano as well as the more familiar faces of Ashley Walters and Kierston Wareing. It was written by Ronan Bennet (Public Enemy, The Hamburg Cell). Click to view the trailer.

  • Listen up

    Check out Rob Chiu's latest for Philips through Stink Digital - ‎one Grammy Award-winning orchestra, 51 musicians 10,197 music notes. Single out each musician. Hear every detail...

  • So Romantic !

    The new spot for match.com directed by Nacho Gayan through Mother is a tale involving a ukelele, a train station and a catchy little tune.

  • Breaking the Law

    Check out Ivan Zacharias' trailer for this year's Karlovy Vary International Film Festival featuring Jude Law.

  • All Good Children

    Le long-métrage d'Alicia Duffy sort en France !

    En salle le 3 août.

  • Zeitguised strikes again

    Check out the brand new Banque Populaire campaign directed by Zeitguised through Euro RSCG C&O, a couple of fresh & playful films !

  • Look who's talking

    Directed by Brian Lee Hughes through Jung von Matt, this new spot for music subscription service Simfy raises an eyebrow... Even if its just the one.

  • What he means, he says ...

    Strong, debonair and macho are the words used to describe the leading man in Agustin Alberdi's new spot through Fallon for Trebor's latest campaign 'Sweet Success'.

  • All for one ...

    Arno Salters works his magic on this new spot for Ebay, shot through Tribal DDB Düsseldorf. An intrepid shopper takes a stroll, skate and a slide through a world that represents the wide array of choice available on the online auction site.

  • Home Sweet Home

    Adam Berg launches TalkTalk's latest ad campaign bringing to life their new positioning of 'A Brighter Home for Everyone'. Shot in London through CHI, set to the song 'Unchained Melody'. Dolls, Eskimos and other animated characters come to life as they try to contact their loved ones.

  • Ivan creates a buzz for Magners

    Ivan Zacharias' latest spot for Magners through Red Brick Road, follows a day in the life of Eamon, the bee-keeper for Magners. From bathing with his bees to getting the bus to work with them, they create quite a buzz around the town of Clonmel, the home of Magners.


    That's the way we like our breakfast: 2 Awards on top of the egg! Martin Krejci's latest project for Lurpak "Kitchen Odyssey" wins gold at BTAA's in London. Well done!

  • A smooth outcome

    Agustin Alberdi's super chic French adventure for Stella Artois is Campaign's Pick of the Week. Here's all the nice things they said about it:
    'Anne Cassidy feels compelled to heap praise on the latest Stella Artois spot by Mother: "This 'smooth outcome' campaign has been lounging around stylishly for some time now. But the work seems to be improving each time. This spot is particularly well exectuted, with a lighter touch than some of its predecessors. The film follows a man's transformation from greasy labourer to sharp-suited smoothie with the help of Stella. The pacing is spot-on." It was directed by Agustin Alberdi through Stink'

    Click the pic for some triple-filtered train action...

  • British Arrows Fellowship Award

    Fabuleux !! Ivan Zacharias won the prestigious Fellowship award at the British Arrows last week, alongside his wins for Magners 'Catch' and 'Straight'. The Fellowship is awarded for an outstanding contribution to the production of commercials and Ivan is the first director to be awarded. Un grand Bravo !!

  • Dvein signed the MTV EMA 2010 visual identity

    MTV World Design Studio called on Dvein, who created a package based on arcade games and pinball machines.

    Click the pic to view!


    The prestigious Creativity Top Production Company results are in and we're delighted to announce that Stink has placed in the top five for our work in 2010. Thanks to all our directors and creative collaborators who've worked with us over the past year. Head over to Creativity-Online.com for the full roundup.

  • Martin Krejci for Nokia

    Martin Krejci's latest project through Wieden + Kennedy London is the launch film for the new Nokia N8 smartphone. Featuring a hamster, a robot and some unusual flying insectoids, there's something for everyone in there and, as the spot proves, it's not technology, it's what you do with it that really matters.

    Click the image to view.

  • Zeitguised's New Peugeot spot

    Click the image to check it out.



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